Health First -Sefton, 5th Session

The group met for the 5th time today and worked really hard. The health champions learned about some new materials sfor the roadshows, such as The Spin smart Game about excercise  and the Bodyboard game  about the dangers of alcohol and smoking.

Everyone was really excited to use these in the new roadshows and Phil said “They sound really good”,

Cheryl said “It will make the roadshows more fun for everyone”.

The Champions  all did some computer work to start writing their own “My Story” and Paul said, “Ive learnt a lot about sugar, you shouldn’t have more than 7 spoonfuls a day”

Simon said “I’m looking forward to learning about  exercise and doing the activities.

Terri and Vicky from ‘Get Healthy Get Active’ joined us and told everyone about the 7 weeks of activities we will be doing. They start next Thursday. Everyone got their own programme and their was a round of applause! 

Terri told us they were making a film about their project and wanted the Health Champions to get involved .This also got a round of applause, please dont ask for our autographs yet!!

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