Getting Active with Active Me!!!

The HealthFirst Liverpool Group have had a PHENOMENAL morning with Dan from Active Me!  Dan is organIsing for us to be involved in the Round The World Challenge and this morning we totaled up the hours that everyone has done and it was staggering!

Iain Jackson takes us into the lead on 31 hours

Katrina Dubber is hot on his heels at 29 hours

Patrick Burke is also on the European leg of the challenge and everyone is feeling AWESOME!  We also had 2 of our new Health Champions sign up to the Challenge, Max and Joan – good luck!!

To kick start the challenge for Max and Joan Dan organised a session in the Hungar to get us moving with games we had some great laughs and loads of fun – can’t wait to see what Dan organises for us to try next time!

Kat said “I can’t wait to get one of those t-shirts that Dan has got, he has said that because we have completed the round the UK part of the challenge we will get one.  I’m doing loads of exercise and everyone keeps telling me how they can see I’ve lost weight.”

Joan said “I do tai chi in the day service and lots of walking, I’ll remember to write everything down that I do.”

Thank you Dan and Active Me!

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