You said we did !! Get Involved Group

Friday was the first Get Involved Group meeting of 2016 Lesley Curran did a fantastic job of chairing the meeting in place of Paul who was on holiday, Lesley said “I love chairing the meetings it dead good, I’m proud of myself.” .  The them for the meeting was ‘You Said We Did’. This was a chance for us to find out about what has happened as a result of all of the things we say when we are having the Get Involved Group meetings and people come to talk to us.  we learned about how we have been part of helping the council get nearly £500,000 to provide more opportunities for people with learning disabilities to get into physical activity and we found out that we helped get the message out in an accessible way about the changes to the day services in Sefton.

As a result of what we said at the GIG  meeting this year health  will be a priority and lots more work will be done to improve the health of people with learning disabilities in Sefton. his makes us feel very proud.

Phil” It’s  amazing how much work we have done it’s great to see we all make a difference.”

Also at the meeting we met Karen who is running the Sefton Health champions project at People First Merseyside she will be working with people to improve their health and deliver health messages to people across Sefton.

We also met Dawn From Age Concern she told us about the services they have for people one of those services was a will writing service, this started a conversation about wills and dying and planning your funeral.

It is not a very happy subject but people didn’t know much about it and said they wanted to know more. We agreed to plan to talk about this more at a future Get Involved Group.

We worked in groups to think about what we wanted to talk about over the next year we got some great ideas and they will make for some very interesting meetings

One of the best things abojut the GIG  was that we had lots of new members attend the meeting from some new places, we always welcome new members and look forward to them comiong again in the future.

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