Road Ahead Can Do … Everything!

Happy New Year to EVERYONE!

The Road Ahead have lots planned for 2016 and our first BIG event is the Leonard Cheshire Can Do Project launch in February and we are working hard!

Vickie from Leonard Cheshire has been working with lots of different groups around Merseyside and has been working with us to raise awareness that we are people with disabilities and we can do EVERYTHING anyone else can do.  We have been working on script and song writing over the past 10 weeks and today we worked with Steph to write and perform a rap song to incorporate into our performance.

Steph started the day with some hilarious ice-breakers and had us from the East End of London to the Catwalks of Milan and got us thoroughly warmed up and raring to go!

The first draft of our rap is on the People First Merseyside facebook page so check us out.

We worked really hard today

Sophie said “It’s been boss.  We’ve decided who is singing what and I know which parts I’m doing.”

Lewis said “It’s been great today.  I’ve chaired the meeting as I’m Deputy Chair and we’ve found out what everyone did over Christmas and New Year.  It’s interesting hearing what our friends have been up to.  Steph was awesome, the icebreakers were hysterical.”

Well done to everyone for working so hard today and to Steph for such an action packed day!




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