New Year, New Members

What  a start to 2016 we have had at the Sefton Group. In our first 3 days back after the break we have had 3 new members come in to see about getting involved and another plan to come and visit us next week!

We love having new members because it means we can get to know new people and they bring lots of different skills to the group.

As well as new people we have got lots of new work planned for the year. 

Firstly tomorrow is the start of our new Health Champions project Karen will start work to get ready for next week when she will meet with those members who would like to become health champion and deliver health messages to other people with learning disabilities across Sefton as well as being part of the Get Healthy Get Active project.

Today we have been speaking with St Josephs to look at working more closely with people who have more complex needs so we can work with them to get their opinions and find out what is important to them.

 We will also be meeting with the benefits team in Sefton who want to consult with us about the accessibilty of the letters that they send out to people with learning disabilites and asking us what they can do to make them easier to understand.

This year we will be working with The Brunswick Centre on a garden project we have been given space at the Bootle Oriel Road train station and we will be working with them and local schools to plant and maintain the beds. This is a departure for us but members are really looking forward to getting involved. We will keep you posted about how this goes.

PHEW that is alot for just 3 days back and its going to get busier!!!

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