HealthFirst Liverpool Health Champions 3rd Session – Medication

Vivien welcomed everyone and started by recapping the last session about Annual Health Checks. This week we are talking about our medication.

Vivien explain that part of an Annual health Check is about reviewing (checking) what medication you take and why you take it.

We have the right to understand why we are being given the medication. It is important that our GP, nurse, family or paid support help us to understand the medication we take and if there are any possible side effects.

Everyone who was here today understood why they were taking the medication they are on.

Vivien introduced Dave Kitchen who has come along from Mersey Care today as he is the Head Pharmacist for Mersey Care.

Vivien asked if anyone knew what Care at the Chemist was?

1 person knew and was registered for this.

Vivien gave everyone a leaflet about Care at the Chemist

Vivien explained that Care at the Chemist means that rather than wait to go and see the doctor for things like coughs, colds etc you can go and see the Pharmacist at the Chemist and they can give you medicine.

You can only be registered for Care at the Chemist at 1 chemist. This chemist is linked to your GP and they will know what medication you are on and if you have any allergies. They DO NOT know your medical history.

Care at the Chemist is set up for people who DO NOT pay for their prescription.

Dave told us that if we have trouble taking tablets we can ask our doctors to give us the medicine we need in a different way – like a liquid. It is important that we speak to our doctors and tell them.

One person on the course had brought in all her medication in a pill case. Dave said this was great as it is organised and really helps people to remember to take their tablets. Dave said that the biggest problem is people forgetting to take tablets.

Viv and Dave would not advise anyone to stop taking their medication but reminded the group that they can go and see their GP to ask for their medication to be reviewed.

There was some discussion about individuals medication – the advice was always the same – If you are not sure what your medication is for ASK YOUR DOCTOR!

Vivien then showed us a website where we could go to that has health leaflets in an easy read format it is called

If we need more information we can look here, or ask our support or our doctor to print off information to help us understand.

The key messages from today session:

  • Have an Annual health Check
  • Ask for a medication review
  • Ask if your aren’t sure about your medication
  • Ask if you don’t understand about the side effects
  • Keep taking prescribed medication

Comments and feedback from the session:

  • “ I liked learning about being able to ask for tablets in different ways – like ask for a liquid instead and the doctor will find out if you can.”
  • “I’ve learned about my medication and I will be going to the Doctors to talk to them and ask if I can change the way I take some of my medication.”
  • “the website with all the easy read information on it is really helpful”
  • “It’s been interesting listening to Dave talk about medications.”
  • “I liked being able to talk to Dave privately about my medication.”

We thanked Dave for coming and for such a useful session.

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