HealthFirst Liverpool Group Amazing Monday’s!!!

Every Monday the HealthFirst Liverpool Group is now at the Pagoda with ACE (Active Community Enterprise) and it is AMAZING!!!

We start the day at 11am with Josh from Healthiness Ltd coming in to do some Chair Exercises and get us all moving and motivated after the freezing weekend!  Thankfully Josh has got new music and lots of it now has been recorded this century – although we do love the oldies now and again!

Derek said “I like doing the Chair Exercises and joining in and moving my arms and legs and I was helping Debbie and showing Debbie to move her arms like me.”

Paul said “I’ve never done the chair exercises before but they are really good and I’m doing an hour and a half exercise now each Monday.”

Then Jo Parry arrives at 11.45 to do zumba with a bit of Clubbercise mixed in for some variety and everyone was blown away!

Debbie said “I love Jo and I love the light sticks!”

Kat said “I think it’s really good, everyone gives 100% and really gets into it and it’s great there are so many people here, I love it.”

We stopped for a bit of lunch and Katrina got involved with the Art and Lisa and Cally were talking to the drama lady Michaela about perhaps doing some issue based drama – around health, housing and bullying.

It was an absolutely non-stop morning and everyone is buzzing from being in such an upbeat atmosphere.

If you’d like to find out more about what the HealthFirst Liverpool group are up to call 0151 707 6751

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