HealthFirst Liverpool Art Advocacy Group!

Another excellent morning with our art facilitator Chris Moss at the HealthFirst Liverpool Art Advocacy Group.  We are finishing our “Me, My Mind, Don’t You See?” Project and have been working at putting our project together to display.  Each week we’ve looked at different ways where we may or may not feel heard.  It’s been stupendous!

This week we had a new lady called Mel come along and she said “I’ve really enjoyed doing the stamps for the background today, it’s been lovely meeting new people and making new friends.  I’m looking forward to trying boccia this afternoon.”

Colin said “I like coming to art, I meet my friends and we have a good time and I enjoy it.”

After Art Chris met with Jo and said what she thought about being a volunteer for People First Merseyside.  She said “I love the members, I love supporting people so that the projects and art we do are what people want – not my vision of what I think people want.  Everyone is so lovely and welcoming.  We have fun here and we make friends.  I love meeting people from Oakfield and we have new people coming here – Colin and Mel.  It is a very relaxed group and the members are in charge.  I really enjoy coming here each Thursday.”

If you would like to find out more call 0151 707 6751.

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