HealthFirst Liverpool and Active Me

As part of our HealthFirst Liverpool Health Champions Course we are working alternate weeks  – one week with Vivien Mansfield from Mersey Care to learn about different aspects of health – healthy mind, healthy relationships etc and the other week we will be working with Dan from Active Me to try new sports and work on The Round The World Challenge!

This was the first week that Dan came in and it was great to meet with Dan and for Dan to explain to everyone on the course about The Round the World Challenge.  Dan has been working with People First Merseyside on this for a while and supports people to go the gym at Peter Lloyds every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon at 4.30pm.

Eric said “I like the Round the World Challenge because we have a competition about who has gone the furthest and who has done the most exercise to move round.  We need the next map because we’ve been doing loads at the gym and at the Pagoda on a Monday with Josh and Jo and on Thursdays when Josh comes to People First to do boccia.”

Dan asked the group what we would like to try.  People said:

  • Handball
  • Boccia
  • Tai Chi
  • Yoga
  • Tennis
  • Badminton
  • zumba
  • and lots more!

Dan has agreed that each time he comes in he will run a session for us – or arrange someone to come in and deliver it to us on different sports we’d like to try.  Even better Steve in the Hungar has agreed that we can use their space!

Kat said “It’s really exciting, at the Active Me Sports Days we’ve got to try tai chi, yoga and karate and I’d like to try them again.  I really like the Hungar space it’s dead relaxing so I can’t wait to go back in there since we moved our zumba to the Pagoda with ACE.”

Max said “I used to come here to People First a long time ago.  I’d like to try table tennis and squash.”

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to Dan from Active Me and we can’t wait for 2nd February!

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