Health First Sefton 3rd Session

Today we had our third planning session and welcomed a new member Paul. We worked really hard and the old champions spent time with the new champions.

The team talked about the 5 Ways to Wellbeing, Staying Active, Connecting, Learning, Taking Notice and Giving.

The Health Champions explained  all the work they had done on the last course, about topics like Health Eating, Alcohol, Mental Health and Smoking.

Simon said ” Its important that people do not  smoke near children”

The team designed some posters and Sarah and Cheryl talked about Mental Health and the signs to look out for.

We all watched  a film about the last road shows. Phil said “It reminded us about how much work we had done and it’s great to be back”

Paul said ” I’m glad to be back too and looking forward to doing our activities”

The team had a great day.

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