Friends and Voices Choir!

Every Monday at 2pm the Friends and Voices Choir are meeting at our new location of the Pagoda at the end of ACE’s Amazing Monday’s that the HealthFirst Liverpool Group have been invited to get involved in.

The Friends and Voices Choir has always been a great opportunity for our Liverpool and Sefton members to meet up and catch up and have some fun together.  Now we have even more opportunities to get more people involved – singing is such an uplifting thing and everyone who is part of the choir says how happy it makes them feel.

Nicola said “I’m enjoying the Choir and we all know our way here now from the office in Bootle.  Jan is very good.”

Iain Jackson said “It is very good, all of my friends are hear and I love singing and dancing with everyone.”

Emma from ACE did a solo and was excellent although still too shy to be filmed!

We did get our first solo from Anna Rose gave us a really soulful rendition of “Feeling Good” it was awesome!!!  Well done Anna Rose it takes a lot of courage it get up in front of everyone and to sing on your own – amazing and a fantastic song choice too!  Check out the People First Merseyside Facebook page to see our soloists in action!

If you would like to find out more about the Friends and Voices Choir call 01510 707 6751

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