Boccia Shinnanigans with the HealthFirst Liverpool Group and Josh from Healthiness Ltd!!!

Every Thursday at 2pm Josh from Healthiness Ltd comes and runs an amazing Boccia session for the members of the HealthFirst Liverpool Group and it is AWESOME!

Each week our members as well as carers, in fact everyone is welcome – come along and have boccia matches between the Reds and Blues and it is more competitive than the Liverpool and Everton derby – check out facebook for our videos!

This week we missed Chris as she wasn’t well but had a new lady Mel come along she said “I used to play boccia at school, this has been good I’ll be back next week!”

It was the Reds leading the whole way just for the Blues to snatch it away with a double or nothing challenge at the end – well done, Kat and Mel for swooping in and stealing victory at the last minute!

Favourite quote of the day is “Get me some butter as you’re going to be toast!”

Well done to everyone who took part and making it so much fun and for Josh for his great boccia and filming skills – we can’t wait for next week!

To find out more call 0151 7076751

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