The Sefton Group – What a year!! – More to follow ….

We have had a really busy year across the whole of People First Merseyside we have got involved in lots of new things and continued to be committed to working hard to speak up for ourselves and on behalf of others.

There have been many highlights too many to mention but we will give it ago.

Sefton Group

We have had an amazing year even though lots of our work is about attending meetings and working with the local authority and health to consult about issues important to people with learning disabilities, we have also got involved in some new work.

We have continued to be involved in the Sefton Network meetings including the Health and Social Care Forum and new this year we have  started attending the Community Champions Network which has been a great opportunity to get to know community organisations across Sefton and raise health issues to Healthwatch and the CCG.

We have continued to be part of the Valuing People Partnership Board attending meetings to talk about health and  the workforce and we have had new reps attend these groups  who have been able to share their fresh ideas.

This year we have worked with Tina Pilkington from Sefton Council to help them with their bid to Sport England to get people with Learning disabilities and the elderly to become more active taking part in physical activity and sport. This is an exciting piece of work. We attended the launch in November and got the chance to try lots of great things including everyone getting the chance to go on a speedboat.

We will also be working alongside them delivering our health messages when we begin our Health First Sefton Project in January. Watch this space for more information about lots to get involved in.

One of our highlights was going out with Merseyside Police to do some community speed awareness, we went out as group we used the speed gun to check the speed of motorists, we then pulled them over to the side of the road and talked to them about how important it is to stick to the speed limit. Members got involved going out into the road to pull cars over and talking to the motorists.

This was such an exciting thing to do we even got onto the front page of the Champion Newspaper.

One of our jobs is to consult and we have done lots of it.

This year we have been consulted with about lots of different things including Sefton Advice Services website, Local Authority online referral system.

We have met with lots of people who have asked us our advice about many things like benefits, taxi drivers, benefits and GP practices. Knowing that we make  a difference in Sefton is really important to us.

We are still holding our Get Involved Group meetings these are going really well. We have had the opportunity to taslk about hate crime, person centred planning, health and many other things including The Care Act which is really important for people to understand.

We have won awards this year too….

We won a team award for working alongside Sefton council, Sefton  CVS and Sefton Advocacy. We work together  to plan and run consultatuion days around the changes to Day provision in Sefton. The award came with a prize of Dragon Boat racing at Crosby Lakeside. Paul and Lesley got to take part and they loved it.

Our most impressive award was won by Phil Hume he won an Anthony Walker Foundation Award for the work he does around Hate crime. He delivers training and raises awareness to others. Phil attended a gala dinner at the Titanic hotel where he recived his award in front of hundreds of people, we were very proud of him.

AGAIN we made it onto the front page of the Champion.

We have done lots of social thing too….

We had our coffee afternoons, getting the chance to go out have some lunch and chat to people has been something we have realy enjoyed. In the Summer we had our picnic at Crosby Lakeside this was a great day although we had to battle with the wind to keep our sandwiches from blowing away!!!

Our disco’s have been something that we have all loved we have had 3 discos all of them at The Mons they have been well attended and it has great to spend time with members from across the organisation.

Our favourite night had to be our Gala dinner at the Adelphi. This is our fundraising night and a chance for us to get dressed up everyone has a really good time and this year our choir performed this made the night even more special. 2016’s gala dinner is already booked 4th November put in your diaries. 

Sefton Group  have done so many  exciting things this year and it is only going to get better in 2016 we start our Health project, we will be working with Brunswick Youth and Community Centre on a gardening project which is a departure for us but working with more people in the community is something we really want to do.

Lesley Said” It has been fantastic I have loved it. I have got to do everything and do more things than before. I’ve got to go out places and doing training has been brill. If it wasn’t for People First i would be bored and i would be shy again.”











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