Haunting of Hill House a Spooky Road Ahead Christmas!

For our Christmas treat Vickie Yavuz from Leonard Cheshire Can Do Project arranged for the Road Ahead to go to the Playhouse to see the terrifyingly spooky Haunting of Hill House and it was OUT OF THIS WORLD!

We went for our tea first and walked across town together, it was wonderful to see town all lit up and Christmassy and we got some great pictures of us all together.

Most people were a bit nervous before the performance began, it was no Christmas Panto!

The staging was very dark and the atmosphere was spooky.  The set on stage had us terrified and we were jumping out of our skin!

Lewis said “Alex near lept out of his seat, he was terrified, it was a bit scary. He is never going to a scary play again!!!”

Eric said “I got the shock of my life at one point – I wasn’t expecting it to happen.”

Phil said “When they made the lights around the edge of the stage bright each time they changed the scenery that hurt my eyes a bit because it was so dark.”

Kat said “I was scared when you could see the hands on the doors and the banging and there was one bit where I jumped.”

Thank you again to Vickie Yavuz from Leonard Cheshire Can Do project for making 2015 amazing and giving us so many opportunities to try new things!

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