Friends and Voices Choir Christmas Concert

On Monday 14th December ACE kindly hosted our the Friends and Voices Choir Christmas Concert and it was amazing – a massive thank you to everyone at ACE for their warm welcome!

We got there a bit early for lunch and to calm our nerves and we got to join in with the zumba which was boss!

We began our concert with our warm ups that we do, so we are all ready for our main performance.

We had Susan singing The First Noel, followed by Derek singing a beautiful rendition of Silent Night.  Tracy who has never performed a solo before sang Away In A Manager.

Our other soloists were Lesely, Kate, Rebecca, Sarah, Kat, Lewis, Joe, Phil, Geraldine, Cally and Alex and everyone had fabulous support from the rest of the Choir.

The audience was superb joining in and singing along and thank you to all our family and friends who came along to support us – it made the day amazing.

Sarah said “I was so happy that my boyfriend and his mum and dad came along to watch, it made me feel proud that they saw me!”

Eric said “Me mum came with us and she loves seeing everything we do on facebook and sharing it and liking it with everyone.  She said we were great.”

Susan said “My mum and dad came from Stockport to see me and I feel so happy.”

A massive thank you to Jan Cullen our Choir Teacher who organises all the music and technical things to make sure everything runs properly and we all look terrific!

Watch out for our next performance we will let you know in the new year what we are up to!

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