Coffee Morning … after the night before!

On Thursday 10th December members of the HealthFirst Liverpool Group held their final coffee morning of the year after our SUPERB Christmas Night Out at The Mons.  It is fair to say – it wasn’t the best of turn outs as lots of people chose to stay snug and warm in bed for a lie in – whilst a few of our more die hard members got themselves to the Northwestern (Head of Steam!) to talk about how AMAZING the night before had been!

Eric had won a hamper the night before and he said “When we got home and looked in it, it was full of loads of things it was boss my mum was made up.  It was great as John from In Another Place came along, I met Lisa’s mum for the first time and everyone had a nice time.”

Lewis said “The food was lovely, it was great seeing everyone and it was a fun night.”

We talked about our plans for Christmas, going to the gym and for the future.  If you would like to know more about the HealthFirst Liverpool group call 0151 707 6751.


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