Can Do – The Next Step

This week on the Road Ahead we worked with Vickie from Leonard Cheshire’s Can Do project on the performance that we are going to be giving on Saturday 5th February at the Can Do Launch.

We began the day getting up on our feet and having a few icebreakers.  We had to act out different emotions and we had a lot of fun doing this.  It was hard to act scared and angry when we were having such a fun time!

Then Vickie talked to us and asked us what was important to us and we decided that we would split into 2 groups and one group would work on “what is normal?” and the other group would work on “don’t judge me”.

We performed our pieces and then Vickie helped us to merge them and we will be working on this more.

Rachel said “I really enjoyed today, I got to work with people I didn’t know before and it was nice to be in a different group.”

Everyone is feeling really excited and looking forward to the launch.  Can’t wait for our next Can Do session with Vickie!

IMG_7298 IMG_7299


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