Bike Right Course Final Session!

On Friday 11th December members of the Road Ahead went along to Walton Hall Park for the final Bike Right session.  This morning we linked up with Liverpool Mencap members and had a fabulous time!

It has been a very cold and windy few weeks but we are all feeling more confident on the bikes and definitely feeling fitter!

Eric said “I’ve enjoyed it, I’d like to be able to cycle further and faster.  The paths are wet and slippy in the park and there are lots of branches that have been blown down in the wind that are hard to see.”

Lewis said “The low rider is the best as it  goes really fast and I can keep up with Eric better.  I’ve really enjoyed it.”

A massive thank you to Active Me for organising this opportunity for us all and to Bike Right for delivering the course – hope we get to do it again and learn more!


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