You Can Never Be Blue with Boccia!

Every Thursday afternoon at 2pm in the MPAC Building we have our AWESOME boccia session with Josh from Healthiness Ltd and today was no exception!

We had a new person come along to have a try today – Phil MacAdam who was on the Road Ahead course is looking to get more involved and decided to give the boccia to try.  Afterwards he said “It’s a right laugh, I wasn’t great at first but I got better, I’ve enjoyed myself, the group is fantastic and Josh is great.”

Josh also showed us the “Elephant Trunk” throw, and although extremely useful when playing tactically – did get a few snickers.

Check out our video on facebook to see the competitiveness between the Reds and Blues and the skill that is the Henshaw ladies – well done everyone and thank you to everyone for all your support.

If you would like to find out more call 0151 707 6751.



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