Thursday’s Art Advocacy Group – Open Doors

Each week Chris our art facilitator supports us to move on a journey on our Art Advocacy project.  Members of our HealthFirst Liverpool group and Road Ahead attend and also people from Oakfield Day Service work on this project.

Last time we met we all had to draw pictures of closed doors, how we felt when we had the door closed on us and what things made us feel as if we were shut out and we had some spectacular drawings.

This week Chris asked us to draw an open door.  We had to think about how we felt when a door opened, what was our favourite door – where did it open to and how this made us feel.

Paul said “My door is bright and everyone is having fun and feeling happy and I’ve used lots of different colours to represent people being happy.”

Lisa said “I enjoy the way Chris comes each week to show us how to draw.  I also like the way we have done open doors to show how we improved we are on this course.  On my door I’ve done the words “Freedom, Chose, Empowerment, New Chapter – because this is a new chapter in our lives and Dr Who.”

Patrick from Oakfield’s door was actually the door into Oakfield and with words on of what makes him feel happy when he is there.

We are all committed to the group and can’t wait for next week!  Check out facebook to see Lewis intereviewing members of the Art Advocacy Group about our work.

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