The Road Ahead and Blueroom Transitions “Missing”

On Monday 9th November members of our Road Ahead Group went over to Bluecoat to continue the amazing project we were involved in over the summer with Blueroom Transitions called “Missing”.

We had to make our own “fanzines” about what we had said we were “Missing”.  This could be things that were missing in the world, in our lives.

Amember  said “It was absolutely spectacular.  It was so calm and we did lots of wonderful work and I am so looking forward to Thursday and being an Ambassador for the project when we go to Nottingham and representing the group it is going to be such a joy to do.”

Katrina said “It was boss, I loved it, we did these magazines and we had to do all the work and we chose what we wanted to do it about and everyone worked really hard.”


Paul said “I’ve really enjoyed it, I’m glad we have got to keep going to the Bluecoat as it was great what we done in the summer.”

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