Sefton Coffee afternoon – Not just for coffee!!

What a fantastic time we had today at the Sefton Coffee Afternoon in Crosby today.

As it is getting nearer to Christmas the pub was really busy, we managed to find some tables together. 

We were delighted  to meet Martyn Richards.

Martyn used to be a member of the group but left, talking to him today he told us he hasn’t been up to much and would like to start coming to the group again. Lesley and Marie and Paul talked to him about what People First Merseyside Sefton Group is like now and how they get the chance to do lots of great things like going on a speedboat and doing training.

We also met the Work- Ability steering group who were there for their Christmas lunch, they are really keen for us to meet up in the new year.

Today we were talking about what People First means to us and what difference it has made to the lives of our members.

This is some of the things we said:

Lesley said “People First hasn’t just helped us make friends it has helped us learn how to be a friend.”

Phil said “People have been given so many opportunities and it’s not just the same people all the time, we are doing more because we are being given the chance.”

Phil said about Paul “He is magnificent he has shown people that he is up for a challenge and that helps us.”

Hayley said “When I came to People First I was treated differently than before I was treated like an adult this made me feel really good.”

James said ” I feel I can get really involved in the group and I get lots of information and I get to speak up to the council.”

The main  messages about People First were that the most important thing to people was that they get to meet new people and get the chance to do new and differnt things.

This is our last coffee afternoon of 2015 we hope to do something different is 2016 to give people the chance to meet up so watch this space.


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