Road Ahead’s Can Do Course

We’re on our 4th week of the Can Do Course that we are receiving from Leonard Cheshire and everyone is really getting in to the scriptwriting.

This week we read through the scripts that we wrote last week and people thought that it sounded fantastic.

It is hard work but we are enjoying it and having a laugh.  Each week all the work we do goes into our files and one of our new members Kyle said “I feel so proud, I really like looking at my file and seeing photos of me and what we were doing each week.”

This week Kate who was on the last Road Ahead training course did a excellent job reading the main part and had a loud voice.

We had 5 new people come on the training course today…. Sophie, Kevin, Emma, Gemma and Robert!

They worked well and made some new friends.

Poor Ash is not well so Lewis was the Chair person today….he did a great job.

Get well Ash, take care and we will see you next week….WE ALL MISSED YOU!!!

Watch this space to find out more about what the Road Ahead have been doing!


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