Road Ahead Leonard Cheshire Can Do Week 5!

Today the Road Ahead were working with Leonard Cheshire on the Can Do Course with Vickie.  Julie is helping with the scriptwriting and today we had Dave Andrews from “AtWhatCost” come and do some interviews and film the group for the finale event.

We also worked on our scripts and we hope to go and see actors in rehearsals and how it works in a theatre.  We hope to find out what goes on behind the scenes and get some inspiration!

We also looked at the logo’s that Patrick has designed for the project and to pick which one we like best.

We talked about bullying in the afternoon and it was very hard for some of us to talk about.  We can’t wait to start filming and getting out on location.

It was wonderful that our 4 new members came along again, we might need a bigger office we have so many people getting involved and it is FANTASTIC!

Roll on next Wednesday!

IMG_0119 IMG_0135

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