On Yer Bike!!!!

On Friday 20th November members of the Road Ahead went to Walton Hall Park Lifestyles to take part in a Bike Right session arranged by Active Me.

This course will help to build our confidence and will be in 2 hour slots over the next 4 weeks – weather depending!! (although we were freezing today!).   We will be working towards National Cycle Standards each week and we are starting with the freewheeling modules.

Our instructors on the day were Sean, Mel and Mike who were great, really supportive and encouraging and the weather never dampened their enthusiasm!

It was the first time that Katrina rode on a 2 wheel bike today and she said “It was great, I was a bit nervous but I’ve never got to try it before and I think I did really well.  The instructors were lovely and I can’t wait for next week – it was a bit wet.”

Eric said “I can ride a 2 wheel bike but it was good to go out on the bikes with my friends and I had a great time with Kyle as we had a go on the double bike – it was fun.”

Adam said “I’ve had a go at the 2 wheel bike and Sean said I’ve got to not look at my feet and remember to look up and I’m going to try it again next week.  I feel really nervous.  Sean said I will be able to do it.”

Well done everyone for braving the arctic conditions, gale force winds, hail and icy rain to do an absolutely first class job on our first step to learning how to right the City Bikes.  Keep up the good work!

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