HealthFirst Liverpool – What We Think!

As we are reaching the end of our first year of funding we have been thinking about what we have achieved and how we are feeling.  We have been working on this for the last few weeks.  Our Chair asks the questions and we all get a chance to speak up.  Cally takes the notes and we’ve worked really hard.

What I like about the Group

  • When I come in the morning I see happy people.
  • I enjoy coming and enjoy the help of everyone and the group helps me.
  • I really enjoy coming to the Liverpool Group you really feel involved and I like going to events and the warm welcome you get in the Liverpool Group.
  • I really find the group really good because the older and younger people collaborate as a team. It is really interesting and we have struggled at first but now its a transformation.
  • It is going brilliantly. It is a good place to make new friends, learn new things and gain confidence. I have been coming here 12 months and I keep my diary now and am on the Board of Directors.
  • I’m made up I’ve lost weight. I think before I say things.
  • It has changed my life, I am drinking loads of water and doing loads of exercise.
  • It has changed my life and I’m walking everywhere, going to the gym, doing boccia and line dancing and gardening when I’m at home. I eat better and drink water now – I’ve never drank water.
  • I’m walking everyday I like to be healthy. I eat fruit everyday, I like fish too and I’m making healthy choices when I go shopping. I love line dancing.
  • I have developed my skills and confidence in the meetings. I’m the healthiest and happiest I’ve been.
  • I enjoy coming to see my friends and going to the events and doing the activities which have been planned.

Is there anything else you would like to try or do?

  • To do more sports and exercise, to do presentations about what we’ve learned and speak up – I want to be a Health Champion and go and talk to other groups about what we have learned.
  • I’d like to go on a bike and get confident.
  • I’m going to do more exercise at home and in the garden and I have plenty of fruit and vegetables.
  • I’d like to do cooking

What other groups are you linking into?

  • Kat – I used to go to Active Me but I do the line dancing with Barbara now. I volunteer with Bluecoat the Road Ahead got me the placement there and I do the Missing Project and I go to Peter Lloyd and Josh from Healthiness Ltd does boccia and Chris from In Another Place comes and does the art.
  • I go to In Another Place, I go to Peter Lloyds, I work on the Partnership and I go to the North West Regional Forum. I am happy with the other Groups I link into.



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