HealthFirst Liverpool Team Meeting

This morning with the HealthFirst Liverpool Group meeting and our Chairperson had a full agenda and lots to work through.

The 1st thing we sorted out was ordering the VIP Diaries for our members who want them.  Some of our members have used them for several years now and they work really well so this was crossed off the list – why not check out the website for yourself!

We had our weekly weigh in and tonight is the night that we are all signing up and joining the gym – everyone is feeling committed and excited, a big thank you to Michelle Messom and Daniel at Active Me for giving us this opportunity to see if we like it and to everyone at Peter Lloyds for being so helpful.

Lisa has been invited to a conference in Preston that links in with her work around the Dying Well Community Charter work that she is doing but unfortunately she can’t go as she is in another meeting – no one else wanted to go in her place but we hope it goes well.

Everyone was really excited about the Mencap Sport Round The World Challenge and everyone wants to sign up and get involved.  The Group want to travel round the world so watch this space!!!

Tomorrow is the celebration event of The Liverpool Qwerkies that our members have been involved in at Crosby Lakeside and people are really excited about going along tomorrow.

We continued our evaluation of how we think the project is going and will get it typed up.  It has been a very busy morning!



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