HealthFirst Liverpool Project Review

Today the HealthFirst Liverpool Group have been working together to find out how people feel the HealthFirst Liverpool Project has changed our lives.

Chair of the Group  has been asking questions to each of our members and Cally has been taking notes.  Cally is also good at sign language and the group have been learning some signs so that we can communicate better with Iain.  The group have been talking about:

  • How has the HealthFirst Liverpool Group helped you?
  • What has changed in your life?
  • What else would we do?
  • What other organisations do we link into?

The Group have had really interesting discussions around how our lives have changed.

Kat said “I’m drinking loads more water, I exercise so much more – line dancing, zumba and going to the gym and swimming with my friends from People First twice a week.  I feel happy and I enjoy the relaxation we do too.”

Eric said “I’ve lost weight, I’m going to the gym, I’m meeting people and making friends outside of People First Merseyside, working in Liverpool is relaxed and I feel respected and part of the team.  I’ve had the confidence to stand for Director and I was voted on – I was shocked I never thought I would be.”

Paddy said “It has been great for me, I’ve made big changes in my life, in my diet, I’ve lost weight, I exercise more, we go together to the gym as friends and it’s great, I want to do the weights and I love swimming.”

Do you have an interest in Health?  Would you like to find out more?  Our HealthFirst meeting is every Tuesday 10am – 12 noon please call us on 0151 707 6751!


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