Get Healthy Get Active at Crosby Lakeside

Sefton Borough Council have been awarded over £400,000.00 to run a project encouraging people of all ages  and abilities to get involved in physical activity across Sefton.

Members of the Sefton Group were part of the consultation that enabled them to be successful and today we were invited to the launch of the project at Crosby Lakeside.

We arrived and were greeted by members of Active Sefton, we were introduced to Rachel and Nicola who would be our guides for the day making sure we all knew where to go. Today we would get the chance to try chair based exercise, bowls, zumba gold and making smoothies with the smoothie bike!! We would even get the chance to go on a speedboat.

Chair exercises were first, we all sat on a chair thinking it would be easy, how wrong were we using the exercise bands and moving back and forth on the chairs it was harder than it looked.

Next and the highlight of the day by far was everyone got the chance to have a go on one of the speedboats on the marina. Many of our members had never been on a speedboat before but were brave enough to give it a go.

The ladies went first, Lesley Marie and Nicola, they were a little nervous at first but after a few seconds they loved it.

Lesley said ” This is amazing I want to go faster.”

We went around the marina a few times it was  choppy because of the wind and some of us got quite wet.

Next were the boys, the girls decided not to tell them they might get wet!

Paul said “This is brilliant I didn’t think it went that fast.”

After all of that excitement it was time for bowls and smoothies. We split into 2 teams the reds and the blues Michael was the star player he was on the red team and everyone else stood no chance against him.

Meanwhile people got the chance to make a smoothie under their own steam using pedal power. Simon, Lesley, Marie and Nicola braved the bike chose their ingredients and started pedalling, the smoothie at the end was well worth the work. Lesley Said”I’ve never been on a bike before.”

Last was Zumba gold this is a gentler form of zumba which is suitable for all abilities, Nicola found her rythym in this class she said “I really liked it.” 

After all of that Lesley got the chance to go on the speedboat again and be part of the press photographs alongside dignitaries such as Councillor Paul Cummins and Dwayne Johnson from the council.

We had a fantastic day and this is just the beginning we will be heavily involved in the project so watch this space for more information about how to get involved.

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