Friends and Voices Choir Getting Ready for Christmas!

This week in the Friends and Voices Choir there is a definite hint of Christmas and yuletide in the air!

We had 27 people come along to Choir and people volunteered for parts to sing at the Christmas Concert on Monday 14th December.

Cally said “I’ve put myself forward to sing Shakin Steven’s “Merry Christmas Everyone”, I love it when the videos go on facebook and I share them with my friends and family and tell people to look on the People First Merseyside page.  I hope the one of me and Kate goes viral.  I’m so happy, I feel so much more confident.  Jan the Choir teacher says I’m a good singer and it makes me feel proud.  I love seeing the Sefton members and making more friends and I can’t wait to have this concert!”

Tracy said “It is the first time I stood up and done a solo this week, I’d have never have done this before, I feel so proud and confident and I love coming to Choir it is fantastic!”

If you would like to get involved call 0151 707 6751 to find out more!

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