Friends and Voices Choir Christmas Countdown

With just 3 practises before our Christmas Concert everyone is working hard!  We had 16 members of our Choir come along despite the cold and miserable weather which was superb!

We did our vocal warm ups  – one of our favourites is “Turkey’s Burning” to the tune of London’s Burning, a christmassy version of “Oh When the Saints Come Marching In” to “Oh When We Eat, Our Christmas Treats!” which was great fun!  As well as some others that got us all warmed up and ready!

Susan has said she would like to sing “First Noel”.  Susan said “I done a good job, it was fantastic, I love singing in front of all my friends and when I play the keyboard.”

Tracy is going to sing “Away in a Manger”.  Tracy said “This is the first time I’ve been confident enough to get up and sing on my own and I felt nervous but I’m feeling much better now.  I can’t wait for the concert and my mum is coming to watch.”

Derek is going to be singing Silent Night.  Derek said “Silent Night is one of my favourite carols.”

Lesley put herself forward to sing “Little Donkey”.

Joe Collister is going to sing “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer”.

We have a good selection of carols and Christmas songs for the day.  Everyone is feeling excited!

If you would like to come along and see us perform get along to the PAGODA on Henry Street at 2pm on Monday 14th December it is FREE and EVERYONE IS WELCOME.

To find out more call 0151 707 6751

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