Community Champions Network – Champion for Health

Part of our job at People First Merseyside’s Sefton Group is to represent people with learning disabilities at meetings and networks across Sefton sometimes this can mean going along to boring meetings that we don’t really understand but not this one.

Nicola and Simon attend the Community Champions Network meeting which is ran by Healthwatch and is a chance for community groups like ours to have a say about the health of our peers and find out what is happening in other groups.

The group is attended by CCG and healthwatch board members who come to update us about what work they are doing to improve the health of all people in Sefton.

On Tuesday we heard from Maureen Kelly who is the chair of Healthwatch, she talked to us about her job and what Healthwatch is doing. Maureen explained that Healthwatch are independent and this means that they can have a say about health services that is independent and get the views of people who live is Sefton to feedback to Sefton Health Services.

We heard from Jayne Vincent from Sefton  Council who told us about her role as part of the Consultation and Engagement team of Sefton Council. Her job is to make sure that any consultations that happen in Sefton are done in the right way, we asked her if they think about making these accessible. Jayne has said that she would like to come and work with us to talk about how we can help her do this.

At the meeting there are lots of community organisations we heard about The Brunswick Centre (who hosted the meeting) they do lots with young people around getting healthy and being active they have the Jamie Carragher football academy there as well as an outside space to grow vegetables and fruit and a huge football pitch. The Brunswick and us are going to meet to see how we can work together in the future.

We also heard about St Leonards this is another comunity group and they offer lots of training for young people and have said that they would like to w ork with us too.

This was a very productive meeting where we found out lots of information and made some really good links and not at all boring!!


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