Can Do – We’re Half Way Through!

We are half way through our Can Do Course and today we started the day by getting to know each other as we have 5 new members and finding out about each other.  We played some fun games and did lots of speaking up.  We acted out some scenes in groups of 2’s of what it is like being in our shoes – and what we like doing.  It was superb!

We also talked about things that we can do that people don’t expect of each of us.

Kat said “I’m working in a school with Bluecoat.”

It was interesting to find out things about each other and helps us to feel confident and make new friends.  We also talked about the launch in February and our group doing a film or a song for the final performance.

Rachael said “I’ve really enjoyed today, it was the first time I’ve come here, I loved the drama and I’ve made new friends.  I’m coming next week.”

Sarah had a great time and did an AMAZING piece about walking in her shoes which is on our facebook page – great work everyone see you next week!


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