ACE Boot Camp at Camp and Furnace!

On Monday 2nd November members of the HealthFirst Liverpool Group and the Road Ahead were invited along to Ace’s Boot Camp at Camp and Furnace.

Chair of the HealthFirst Liverpool Group  said “I researched the night before how to get to Camp and Furnace and which bus to take, however lots of roads were shut due to a funeral so I did a map for us so we could walk there.  It was a good walk, it was a bit foggy but it was fine.”

When we arrived at Camp and Furnace everyone at Ace welcomed us and showed us the art project they had been working on Paul said “It’s really good, it’s all around halloween.”  We had great fun with some scary masks and made a few people jump.

Debbie then did Chair Exercises and it was great Patrick said “The best bit was with the parachute, we all sat round and we had to keep a ball on the parachute and keep it moving, it was boss, I’d like to do that again I really enjoyed it.”

After the Chair exercises we did the zumba with Helen Webster Cally said “It was good with the light sticks and Helen was dressed up for halloween which was fab, it was different from Jo’s.”

Kat said “I’ve enjoyed it here today and everyone has been so friendly and welcoming.”

A big thank you to everyone at ACE and we hope to see you again soon!


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