What We Think of Our Friends and Voices Choir!

Katrina said “I quite enjoy the Choir because I did learn a new song to sing to it – and enjoy do a banana song with everyone who really enjoy it very much.”

Patrick said  “I quite enjoy the Choir because the best thing to me is doing a Banana song which it went wild and also I reckon that we all do it again when we get back from our half term.”

A member  said “Yesterday was outstanding without any problems because we all enjoy it very much. We all pick our own solo tracks which the rest of the group would like to listen. I did play the Solo song called “Isn’t she lovely” by Stevie Wonder because it dazzles my movement – when Kate comes in front of everyone and she has a sheet and sang the song called “Something inside so Strong” which everyone really loves to sing along to it.”

Cally said “I love going to the Choir.  I have met a fab choir teacher (Jan) who gets everyone involved and motivated.  I enjoy just meeting the Sefton members and the Liverpool members because we didn’t manage to see them – so this is the time we come together as one. I like when everyone expresses themselves and music. I like the song called “BILLY BILLY BOMB” and the solo songs because we can let our hair down and feel good about ourselves. I’ve been on Facebook and just from the solo songs yesterday, we have had 764 views on Facebook, it makes me feel so proud– that is why I can’t wait for Mondays to do the Choir.”

Lisa said “I am marvellous doing the signing movement for Ian – I really enjoy the Choir because I am really proud how well we sang all the songs throughout the afternoon with Jan.”


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