Road Ahead – Planning For The Future

The Road Ahead held a planning meeting yesterday about what we are going to do in the future.  In our bid to the Big Lottery we said that in year 4 we would be moving into Sefton.

The group have said that they would like to meet with Paul Walsh who is Chairperson of the People First Merseyside Sefton group and Joanne English who is the Sefton Development worker for People First Merseyside to find out what contacts they have in Sefton so that we can:

  • Plan our roadshows
  • Find out what groups are in Sefton that we can link in with
  • Find any free venues
  • Get involved with what is going on

Kyle said “We should meet with Catherine Kennedy from Hugh Baird and see if she can help us.”

We also talked about who would like to be the Ambassador for Liverpool for the “Missing” Project that we worked on over the summer with Bluecoat.  It is going to be a fantastic opportunity but a lot of hard work.

On Tuesday we are going to the Active Me Sports Day at Archbishop Beck and we are all excited about the next Adelphi date being set for 4th November 2016.

There is loads going on with the Road Ahead group so watch this space!


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