Me, My Mind, Don’t You See?

On Thursday 1st October the HealthFirst Liverpool Group met to continue working on the Art Advocacy Project “Me, My Mind, Don’t You See?” that our members have organised themselves.

We had new people join us from Oakfield – Ant, Patrick and David.  We also had Colin come along to find out what we get up to and he said “It was good, I’ll be coming back again when your back on the 15th October.  It was interesting.”  For the people that are joining us for the first time they did the head outline that the group decided on in the beginning to help us think about the things that go on inside our heads that people can’t see.  People think about their families alot and have some really varied hobbies – it was great to find out more about each other.

Chris has secured some mannequin heads and brought the mesh to make the heads with and the next stage of the process will begin next time where people put things in the head.  It is a really interesting concept that our members have come up with and chosen to do – can’t wait to see how they turn out!

IMG_5852 IMG_5850 IMG_5851

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