Lonesome Line Dancing!

This week unfortunately we didn’t have the wonderful Barbara to teach us so Jo tried her best with a lot of help of everyone in the group!

Geraldine was fantastic at remembering the steps to “Baby Likes to Rock It” and everyone is really confident with Alkazar, Elvira and Staying Alive.

We had a good go at “One Step Forward” and we then did the same steps but to the classical piece “Blue Danube”.  Iris who used to do line dancing a lot said “I’ve never line danced to a piece of music like that it was great it really felt like waltzing.”

Stella said “This is a lovely class, I feel really welcome, it’s lots of fun and a great atmosphere.  I’ve really worked hard this week and I look forward to it.”

Cally said “I think we’ve done really well without Barbara and worked as a team.”

There is no line dancing next week but we are back as usual on Tuesday 3rd November so if you liked to find out more call 0151 707 6751

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