HealthFirst Liverpool Tuesday Morning Planning Meeting

Tuesday mornings is our HealthFirst meetings and we had a full agenda. Michelle from Active Me has organised for our group to have a group induction at Peter Lloyds and the group have agreed to support each other to go and twice a week at least from tonight – watch this space!

We looked at the Disabled Go information – they go around places in Liverpool and check they are accessible and have put together a guide. The Group would like to know more and maybe get involved.

We then went through the photographs for the Adelphi and everyone said how great the night was. How beautiful the room looked and how helpful the waiting on staff were. We can’t wait for next year and the group have decided that we would like to write our own article to put on the website soon and have been working on that!

If you would like to find out more about what the HealthFirst Liverpool Group get up to why not call 0151 707 6751


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