HealthFirst Liverpool Meeting

Every Tuesday the HealthFirst Liverpool Group meet our Chair takes the meeting with Cally as our Secretary takes the notes.

This week we began the meeting by filling in the referral forms for our Health Course that is running again in the new year.  We are really lucky that Suzanne Robinson and Vivien Mansfield are running this again from January and if you know someone who is interested in being a Health Champion get in touch!  New Year New Start!

Kat said “she is great, she already works hard for People First and donated a fab prize of a Christmas Cake to the Adelphi.  She helps her son do his Car Boot sales to raise money for People First and I really enjoyed the relaxation she did with us.  I’m looking forward to her being a volunteer.”

We have been doing lots of work around Health and Safety and we now have everything in place.  Lisa and Eric went to buy some new bandages and safety pins for our First Aid box as the bandages were quite old.  Jo Bruce is the Fire Marshall for People First and if we had a fire alarm then Jo has to take the signing in sheets out and check we are all safe.

We want to write more articles for the People First Merseyside website so the chair  took notes and typed up an article about the Choir for everyone and Jo is to put it on the website.

We’ve had a really busy morning and got lots of things done!  Well Done team!






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