Friends and Voices Choir – Final preparations

Yesterday we had our final rehearsal ready for our performance as part of the Gospel Choir who are performing at our Adelphi Gala Dinner on Friday 9th October.

Excitement is building not only for the gala dinner but also this year we will be centre stage singing, some of us are even doing solo’s.

The first thing we did as we always do were our warm up exercises the group really enjoy them, yesterday it was all about our teeth!  the warm ups go like this “Lips teeth tip of the tongue.” and the other goes “dental floss is very good for teeth.”

The choir worked really hard with their staging making sure they are ready to perform to their best. We have soloists who have had to learn their songs each song has been chosen by the person themselves.

With the guidance of Jan our choir mistress we ran through our set list for the night, what is expected of us and where we need to stand etc.

As usual we had our Karaoke corner at the end of the session, this is very popular we have a long list of singers.

We were treated to performances from Phil, Cally-Ann, Rebecca and a duet from Joe and Kate.

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