Fantastic Training Session with Can Do!

Today members of the Road Ahead group had a fantastic session with Vickie from Can Do.  We are going to be working with Leonard Cheshire on their Can Do project for the next 3 months and everyone is feeling really excited.

We met with Vickie back in July to decide what we wanted to do and we decided that as a group we’d like to do a film around disability and how people see us.

Vickie has organised for Julie who is a scriptwriter to come and work with us.  We’ve had a great session and really enjoyed working with Vickie and Julie.

Julie brought in lots of different buttons and asked us to pick one that we thought represented us and to say why.  It was a lot of fun and everyone did a brilliant job.

We split into groups and we talked about the different categories that people with disabilities fall in to and how people with disabilities are perceived.

Ash said “I’m in a wheelchair and I was told I’d never have a boyfriend.  I do now but we still sometimes have people saying horrible things – they don’t know anything about us.”

Kat said “Vickie works with some people and she is going to organise for us to go behind the scenes at Granada news and I can’t wait to see what goes on.”

At the end of the session we filled in a diary of what we’d been doing today and we have a really good foundation of what we will be doing for our film and can’t wait for next week!

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