Dragon Boat Racing – Well Sort of!!!!

As part of the work we do at People First Merseysides Sefton Group we were asked to be part of a team of people from the council and voluntary organisations to put together a piece of work to consult with people with learning disabilites and their families about the changes to day services across Sefton.

We worked together to produce questionnaires and make sure that the consultation events were accessible and easy to understand.

As a result of this work we were nominated by Marcus Roberts from the local authority for the STAR Awards in the category of chief executives team award…. and we won!! 

Part of the the prize was Dragon boat racing for 20 people at Crosby Lakeside Watersports Centre, as you can imagine we are not the most athletic bunch of people but we all agreed we would go.

It took us a while to arrange but last night we finally made it to the lake!!

There were 16 of us in the boats with a few onlookers  and a photographer.

Lesley and Paul had never done anything like this before and were a little bit nervous, as  we were in teams we could look after each other.

The first thing we had to do was carry the boats to the water they are very long and very heavy. We them had to line up in height order to be put in to teams. Nobody wanted Marcus on their team and unfortunatley  we got him!!

We had 2 instructors 1 for each boat who had their work cut out trying to control us all, they taught us  how to row  the boats we  then  all got into the boats, there was not turning back now.

We rowed into the lake lots of us were trying to concentrate and do it right others were messing and splashing and getting themselves into trouble. We had a couple of races across the lake rowing was hard work and sadly our team didn’t win.

Despite this we had a fantastic time, we rowed across the lake got out onto the sand and played a game where we had to hold the oar upright and move around and catch the oar next to us  our team won, this was great fun.

We were also treated to an amazing sunset, we could have been anywhere in the world it was so beautiful.

The dragon boats were great fun Lesley said “I loved it I want to do it again.”

After we all got dry we then had a team meal in the lakeside restaurant and toasted our good work together.

A big thanks to everyone who made the night so great.


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