Can Do – We Can Do!

On Wednesday 14th October members of the Road Ahead had our 2nd session with Can Do and the fantastic Vickie and Julie.

This week Julie asked us to think of our favourite word and then we had to sell it to the rest of the group.  It was really interesting and the words people had were:

Ash – Inspire

Sarah – Glitter

Lewis – Confidence

Kyle – Military

Katrina – Motivation


People did a fantastic job at selling their words.  Ash said “Inspire” was the best word as it encourages people to try their hardest, reach their goals and have no limits on their dreams.

Sarah had chosen “glitter” as it is something that everyone can see, it draws attention to you, it is in the Disney films and it is a girly thing.

Last week we’d talked about how people idolise superheros and really people with disabilities have to go the extra mile every day of their lives.  The group came up with the idea of writing short sketches with a central character and the difficulties people face every day and how we overcome them.  The group split into groups and acted out different scenarios that people face everyday.

Lewis said “He was really good, he acted well and it was funny!”

Ash said “Sometimes people are really rude to you when your in a wheelchair and they don’t say “excuse me” it’s not right”

Sarah said “I didn’t realise how hard it was just getting a train here when your in a wheelchair.”

The group are really happy with the direction we have decided for the project to go in and are looking forward to seeing Vickie and Julie in 2 weeks time!


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