Anyone for Boccia? Everyone is Welcome!

Every Thursday afternoon is Boccia with the HealthFirst Liverpool Group and run by Josh from Healthiness Ltd.  This week Lewis was in charge of the commentary and thoroughly enjoyed it!

It was Reds versus Blues and we had Eric’s mum come along and have a go.  They were on separate teams and it was a real battle of the Baig’s!

Chris’s team won 9 – 2 and everyone had a great laugh.  This week Josh introduced kicking boccia – which was a challenge but lots of fun!

New member Colin said “It’s been fun!”

Eric said “It’s great my ma is here and seeing what we do.”

If you would like to get involved please call 0151 77 6751 or check out our facebook pages for videos of what we get up to – it is amazing!

IMG_6632 IMG_6635

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