The Road Ahead Midway Evaluation

After the AGM the Road Ahead went straight on to do its “mid way evaluation”.  This is something that the Big Lottery have asked us to do and it had to be done by someone independent.  It is their job to speak to our advocates and their families and carers and find out what people think about the Road Ahead.

It was fantastic we had lots of families and carers make the time to come on the day and we would like to say a big THANK YOU to them for taking the time to come along.  It was amazing.

Simon Huthwaite is our independent evaluator and each year of the project he has been coming in to talk to our advocates to find out how they feel.  This year Simon also spoke to parents and carers.  To find out what people think Simon spoke to people face to face or on the phone if they said they couldn’t come today, Simon had prepared some questionnaires and also some big feedback sheets on the table so that people could write about how they felt about the project and how they feel it has helped their son or daughter, person they support or family member.

At the end one of the parents said “It was fantastic to get the chance to talk to other parents and catch up, we don’t have time to do this very much.”

Simon also spoke to the young people on the Road Ahead course to find out how they feel the course is helping them.

The group had lots to say about what happens on the course and what people want in the future.

Simon will take all the information and put it together in the report for the Big Lottery.

The afternoon went really well and we’d like to thank everyone who came along it was so appreciated.

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