The Results Are In for The Road Ahead Elections!

On Wednesday 30th September the Road Ahead Group held our elections for:

  • Chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Time Keeper

Everyone was really excited and Ash read out the job descriptions for each role.  the Chairperson for the past 2 years, the last year as Co-Chair with Ash  is standing down.

The people who stood for Chair were:

  • Ash
  • Kat
  • Lewis

Each person gave a speech as to why they would be the best person for the job and then the group voted.  It was really exciting and our new Chairperson is Ash Cannell!!! Congratulations Ash!   Ash said “I was a bit worried I wouldn’t get voted on again but I feel great.”

It was tie between Kat and Lewis for the role of Deputy Chairperson and the group had to vote again – it was all very tense and the group didn’t know who would get the job – it was Lewis Scott!!  Well done Lewis!

Ash read out the role of the Secretary and MB put himself forward for this as he would be an excellent secretary as he is committed to the group, great at taking notes and likes using the computer.

Finally the rest of the group nominated Sarah to be timekeeper.  Sarah said “I’m surprised that people said I’d be good for this, but I will do my best.”

Well done everyone and what a fantastic team to lead the Road Ahead into it’s 4th Year!


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