The New Chair for the People First Merseyside Liverpool Group Is ……….

What a morning it has been in the HealthFirst Liverpool offices!  Today we held our elections for a new Chairperson for the People First Merseyside Liverpool group.   Patrick Burke has held this post for the last 2 years and is now stepping down.

The position was highly sort after with 7 people putting themselves up for nomination.  They were:

  • Kat Dubber
  • Joe Collister
  • Alex Lloyd
  • Tracy Wynne
  • Eric Baig
  • Derek Connellan

Everyone had to give a speech about why they wanted to be Chairperson and why they thought they would be best person for the job.  It was a really hard decision as all of the candidates showed passion and committment and really wanted the post.

Everyone had one vote each and were not allowed to vote for themselves.  This resulted in a 3 way tie between:

  • Alex Lloyd
  • Tracy Wynne

All 3 are very strong contenders with a lot to offer, all are excellent at speaking up and are committed, professional and reliable.  It was going to be a tough decision.

The final round of voting was very close and the winner -by just 1 vote was ……


A massive congratulations  and well done to everyone who stood and put themselves up for the role.  MB said “It came out of nowhere.  I didn’t expect this.  I’ve worked really hard on my speech and I will work very hard for the group and am looking forward to being on the Board.”

IMG_5359 IMG_5365

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