The Friends and Voices Choir is Back!

After a short summer break the Friends and Voices Choir is back and stronger than ever!

The thing that is the front of everyone’s minds is that it will soon be our performance at the Adelphi Gala Dinner.  Some of the members of the Friends and Voices Choir have put themselves forward to sing some solo parts and we talked about what songs we are going to sing – and it is going to be AMAZING!!!

We followed our usual routine – each week we being with vocal exercises and then we sing in rounds and harmonies to make sure our voices are warmed up and ready.

After this we started with Stand By Me.  Then Phil sang “Little Help From My Friends” and Susan, Kat, Lewis and Lesley sang Reach and Sarah sang Roar – it was a great first half.

After our break we had our “Karaoke King and Queen” Slot and we had:

Derek singing Delilah.

Lesley sang Return to Sender.

Rebecca sang a Bruno Mars song.

Liam finished the day with “Thank You For the Music”.

At the end of the session everyone was buzzing and feeling excited about the Adelphi and about being in the Choir.

Lewis said “I enjoyed the Choir it was great.  I got up to sing Reach in front of everyone.”

Phil said “I’m really excited about my solo at the Adelphi.  I’ve been practising and I wrote all the words out so I could learn them.”

Cally said “It was my first time in the Choir and it was boss, I’m definitely coming back.”

Watch this space and if you would like to find out more call 0151 707 6751.


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