The Alice Experience Launch

Lisa, Eric and Alex attended the launch of the Alice Experience on Monday 14th September at St Luke’s Church in Crosby.  Members of the HealthFirst Liverpool Group and the Road Ahead have already worked with In Another Place in the past on A Secret at Christmas and everyone is feeling excited about The Alice Experience which will be at St George’s Hall in February 2016.

Lisa said “It was brilliant.  It opened with singing from the In Another Place Gospel Choir.  Then Annie went through all the different jobs that need to be done.  What I absolutely love about In Another Place is that I could put myself forward for any job I wanted to do and they would let me try and have a go – even if I couldn’t do it, I’d be able to try.   I love that it is fully inclusive there and everyone is really equal.  I love being a part of everything and a part of the team I feel valued. I’m going to do stewarding – I’ve been stewarding for the History Tours that In Another Place were doing earlier in the month so I know it is something I enjoy and something I’m good at.  Eric is going to be doing construction.  We’re already working on props every Wednesday and Alex has said he will come along and help with the props.  I can’t wait for February it is going to be amazing.

We’ve had a great evening, I’m so glad that People First have got involved with In Another Place, I love coming to both places so much.”

If you would like to find out more call In Another Place on 0151 924 4468.


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